Parkside Fire & Security - Fire Protecttion, Buffalo NY

Fire Suppression/Special Hazard

Every year, thousands of fires involve electrical equipment, and many take place in computer rooms. For environments like these, as well as those that contain manufacturing equipment or irreplaceable valuables like paintings, wet sprinklers aren’t the best answer for fire suppression. Clean agent systems are faster and safer than water, and they limit damage and downtime.

We install and service systems for wet chemical systems, kitchen hood systems, dry chemical systems and clean agent systems.

A clean agent system is a waterless extinguishing system that uses pure natural gas. This type system works by reducing the amount of oxygen within the flooding zone. It uses pure natural gases such as nitrogen, carbon monoxide, or argon. The system will extinguish a fire before it becomes large enough to activate the sprinkler system. This system is ideal to protect irreplaceable items or critical assets from fire as well as damage caused by water. The system is the best solution for computer rooms/data centers, art galleries and places like public libraries.

A dry chemical system uses dry chemical compounds. These systems are the most effective (pound for pound) for suppressing large fires than any other agent. These are commonly used in areas in a facility where there are hazardous materials or flammable liquids.