Parkside Fire & Security - Fire Protecttion, Buffalo NY


Do you want the peace of mind that your building has 24/7 protection from a fire, security break-in or sprinkler activation? If so, you may want to consider alarm monitoring services. We can monitor your systems around the clock to make sure your building is attended to as quickly as possible.

Our Central Station Monitoring service has professionally trained operators are trained to identify incoming alarms and to notify the appropriate authorities needed for response. We provide multiple notification options based on customer preferences and decision-making policies. Our monitoring service includes the ability for immediate access to critical information.

Types of Monitoring:

  • Burglar alarm systems: monitored opening and closing, hold up alarms
  • Fire alarm system: monitoring fire alarm, sprinkler, fire suppression systems
  • Video surveillance systems: video surveillance monitoring
  • Access control systems: monitoring of user access, door held open alerts
  • Water leak protection: monitoring of sensors that detect water leaks
  • Environmental monitoring: monitoring for refrigeration and temperature (freeze / heat)
  • Humidity monitoring: monitoring of changes in humidity
  • Hazard monitoring: monitoring of sensors that detect gas leaks