Parkside Fire & Security - Fire Protecttion, Buffalo NY

Sprinkler Systems

We offer services for wet fire sprinkler systems, dry fire sprinkler systems, fire pumps, and pre-action systems.  Facilities best withstand fire when they include a well-maintained automatic fire sprinkler system. 

A sprinkler system buys time when time is most precious by suppressing fire until firefighters arrive to extinguish it. That means less damage to your property and a shorter interruption of business. It also means reduced insurance premiums.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians install and maintain sprinkler systems customized to any facility.

We’re also here for routine inspections.  Ask us to perform an obstruction investigation for your current system (which should occur every five years) to ensure that your sprinkler system is fully functioning.

Vendors we work with:

Tyco        Potter      Viking

Reliable       Victaulic