ParkSide Fire & Security, Buffalo NY - Communication Systems

Area of Rescue

Area of Rescue systems provide emergency communication between call stations and Central Control Panels. When combined with appropriate ARA signage, area of refuge assistance systems meet ADA, IBC, and NFPA regulations.

An area of refuge (aka an area of rescue assistance) is a location in a building designed to safely hold individuals during a disaster or emergency. These areas are created for situations when normal evacuation is unsafe or impossible (typically for handicapped people with limited mobility).

For example, during a fire, non-mobile residents may be unable to use a stairwell. These individuals are able to wait in an area of refuge until first responders or other rescue personnel are available.

Area of Rescue Two-Way Communcation System

  • Voice Communication System
  • Call Station
  • Confidence light to indicate an active call button
  • Acknowledgment light to show someone has received the call for help